White Glove Concierge

DOMINION...Your exclusive partner for luxury travel and concierge!

At your service, 24/7! How can we simplify your life?

Golf Packages and Leadership Retreats
Professional Makeup & In-flight Concierge
Exclusive 5-Star Hotels & Luxury Residences

DOMINION is experienced planning dinner for two or events for two-hundred.
Tee time at eight, no make that seven? No problem.
Tickets to Broadway? No problem.
A makeup artist? Special hotel request?
We will do our best to deliver what you need. No problem.

How do we do it?
Well, it’s not magic.

We listen. We plan. We verify. We execute.

That is the defining separation between us and our competition and what makes DOMINION the up-and-coming leaders within private luxury travel industry! There is much talk with reference to leaders. Here is the DOMINION perspective:

  • Leaders have that unusual spark emanating from their very core.
  • Leaders see a void and readily accept that it is within their power to satisfy it.
  • Leaders pursue the excellence dictated by their natural gifts and abilities.
  • Leaders assure you that anything is possible and then dazzle you with their unique ability to will the impossible into existence.

Leaders listen. Leaders plan. Leaders verify. Leaders execute.