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Chef Joel Toast
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DOMINION Charter Ltd is proud to announce its alliance with renowned chef, Joel Frances Rickerson, Cuisinier by showcasing his Select Gourmet Offerings on every Première Connection® Partnership flight!

Chips and sodas? We could; but why?
Our most discriminating clients boast the most discriminating palates, and DOMINION responds
by raising the bar of ‘standard’ to the most impeccable level…EXCELLENCE.

Chef Joel. Another testament to the DOMINION difference.

Who is Chef Joel? Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Joel is a graduate of the École supérieure de cuisine française (ESCF Ferrandi) which is one of France’s leading professional training schools located in the heart of Paris. A third generation chef and restaurateur, Chef Joel is the accomplished son of Chef Joe Rickerson (a veritable institution himself, with over 30 years experience in fine dining and personal services for some of America’s top restaurants and celebrities). As a father and son team, the Rickersons are the personal chefs to many celebrities and corporate elite throughout the nation. Chef Joel’s bold approach to food, nutrition and classic French technique demonstrates his commitment to excellence in the world of fine cuisine. Create a luxurious gastronomic event in the air or on the ground? Email Chef Joel, info@dominioncharterltd.com