Première Connection® Partnerships

DOMINION...Your exclusive partner for luxury travel and concierge!

The DOMINION Première Connection® Partnership is specifically designed for frequent flier clientele. Première Connections® Partnership members purchase flight hours versus owning an aircraft. Our company has access to a vast network of private aircraft – all of which meet the stringent gold or platinum safety standards of ARGUS1. We are particular about our jet provider relationships and Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) because we firmly believe that our clients deserve the best our industry can offer.

As a Première Connection® member, your dedicated concierge call center representative will make and confirm your air reservations and will act as your travel liaison through the duration of the trip. Because of our vast network, we can also offer simultaneous aircraft so that you and your authorized users can travel in different directions within the same account when required. Why? Because we pride ourselves on leaping ahead of our competition! Learn more about Première Connection®.

DOMINION has also introduced the Première Connection® ELITE partnership which offers all the benefits of its predecessor and the added advantage of executive protection through EPA Security, LLC on your travels.  Learn more about DOMINION and EPA Security, LLC with Première Connection® ELITE.

All inclusive pricing so you simply deduct hours from your prepaid Connection Card. DOMINION flight plans include your Federal Excise Tax, Fuel surcharges, applicable Taxes, Administrative fees and Insurance. Which of our competitors makes the same claim? Not one.

Fly DOMINION and let us prove to you that there is a better way to get to your destination.

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