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Solon 2

Wisdom in Business Series: 2-Wise Words Win

Welcome to your second step into the Wisdom Circle™…words.

When we employ wisdom in our business practices, it changes our conversation with those with whom we do business. It always amazes me how we talk to each other in this generation! As employers, it is important to learn to talk to our employees, our outside vendors and contractors in a manner that is conducive to building a winning team. With the luxury of instant messaging and texting, we’ve often become devoid of emotion and, possibly, lost the highly desirable aptitude for productive face-to-face dialogue.

Cultivating wisdom in business helps us form a level of communication that is laser-focused on honesty and humility on a consistent basis. It is incumbent upon us to use our words wisely in every transaction. Wisdom teaches us to use SOUND words. We practice speaking the truth even if we may lose some deals in the process. Honesty with each other should always translate to honesty to each other. By sound, I am suggesting that we are honest at all times and that we honor every fiduciary agreement in which we find ourselves. Typically, those that are dishonest suspect others of the same. Sound words make for sound relationships and sound deals.

Wisdom also urges us to use STRAIGHT words. Putting a marketing spin on your offerings shouldn’t mean lies, tricks or deceptive games. Spin, if the word is ever used at all, should only refer to emphasis placed on particular aspects of your offerings and never an obscuring of the truth. Skewed conversation leads to skewed expectations and futile results. Wisdom suggests that we are straight in every conversation for maximized results. We’ve all experienced to some degree what happens when business conversations are a little shady — often the road to wasted time and dampened excitement. Being straight benefits all parties conversing both in the moment and beyond.

Lastly, wisdom encourages the use of SIMPLE words. I am not advocating such condescension that you cease to be true to yourself; but rather understanding that effective communication is an art. The art of effective communication (whether oral or written) is the ability to be heard AND understood with crystal clarity. I was once asked, “How do you feed a giraffe and dog at the same time?” Well, it’s obvious that you can’t put the food in a tree because only the giraffe can eat. So, it’s better on the ground. From the ground, the dog can eat it and the giraffe has enough neck to compensate and eat as well. Likewise, make your words in business palatable for everyone so that every task and agreement is clearly understood.

Wisdom works to help DOMINION keep her words Sound, Straight and Simple therefore yielding us the greatest business results…mutually satisfied company and clients. Until next time, continue to operate in excellence.

C. Edward Moten, President
©2014-18-Jun; Dominion Charter Ltd., All rights reserved.

IMAGE (Wikipedia): Solon, c. 638 BC – 558 BC, Athenian statesman, lawmaker and poet.

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