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Wisdom in Business Series: 1-Wisdom Gains a ‘Win’ in Business

It is safe to suggest that all of us in business want to win. But is it only about winning? I would purport that we all understand that life (and business) are governed more by having a winner’s attitude. A key component of the winner’s attitude -in order to win on a frequent basis in business- is the employment of wisdom.

Getting wisdom in our fast-paced society has much, if not all, to do with our ability to ascertain truth. While “spin” might be available to us in our marketing, winning wisdom comes from tried truth. What you’ve learned by life’s experiences cannot be denied. And in business, you must share what you know (expressly if it is wisdom grounded in truth). There are several things that I want to suggest to be sure that you are winning in business through your wisdom.

First, you must ACKNOWLEDGE TRUTH. All of us have heard things that we believed as truth until we learned and/or researched better. Then, you found out that all you hear, see and read is not truth. I believe it is of great necessity to be thorough as you inject winning wisdom into every situation in your business. You must evaluate everything but then acknowledge truth when you are presented with it. Know this: Truth is always constant and clear because no one really wins in ambiguity.

Once you acknowledge truth, then you must ACCEPT TRUTH. Accepting truth gives you the opportunity to apply it in your personal life. The winning and success you see in business is a direct overflow from your personal life’s acceptance of invariable and unchanging truth. “Real” works time and time again. There is no substitute for accepting the simple truth.

After you’ve accepted truth, you must be able to ARTICULATE TRUTH. I know it sometime seems that people are so accustomed to hearing half-truth (little white lies and the whale-of-a-tales) that it has become difficult for them to accept the truth when it is clearly articulated! But stand assured, there are others in business that want the truth you’ve received. Your ability to articulate truth also gives those people a personal and professional edge. It is so much easier to collaborate when all parties are articulating truth.

Lastly, you have an obligation…the obligation to AUTHENTICATE TRUTH. This means that it is incumbent upon you to show truth. To example it. To demonstrate it. And when you exemplify authentic truth in these ways, it becomes obvious that who you are AND what you do are consistent with what you say.

Since starting this business, I’ve learned that words don’t always mean what I think they should mean. I’ve been very frustrated with the “spin” of a vendor or when a DOMINION competitor skirts just short of the literal truth. It makes it that much harder for our potential customers to acknowledge or accept the truth we work to articulate. But rather than being a deterrent, it has made me emphatic that there should not be a business-version of truth. I am determined that DOMINION will say what it means and mean what it says to every customer or  vendor, etc. Wisdom is constantly teaching us that truth is always exactly that…truth…and it is not contingent on industry or situation.

With that said, DOMINION knows that getting wisdom (which is to say, “getting an understanding”) ensures we will win in business. We understand that although truth seems to be subjective, we can determine to hold ourselves to a higher thought. And because we understand how to operate in truth, we feel obligated to share what we know with the current and future generations of business leaders. Whether you are an entry-level intrapreneur, rookie entrepreneur or seasoned veteran, there is always room for YOU in the Wisdom Circle™.

Until next time, continue to operate in excellence.

C. Edward Moten, President
©2014-10-Jun; Dominion Charter Ltd., All rights reserved.

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