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Making the Most of Your Travel

I often get the chance to evaluate how we can improve the service experience and ensure faultless execution for our clients as they travel. With the many perks of our Première Partnership Card, we’ve gotten accustomed to shock from a few of our prospective clients. It goes something like, “Wow! This sounds too good to be true!” And DOMINION’s response (though it may initially sound arrogant) is in the affirmative and with much confidence, “We are just that good”! One of our greatest objectives is to make the most of your travel each and every time, without exception. How do we accomplish our task? The answer is quite simple, actually. We Listen. We Plan. We Verify. We Execute…then, we prove it!

The FUNDAMENTALS of our concept is rather clear. We offer ourselves and our skill set to you for your travel, so that all you have to worry about is what you are packing in your bags. What’s important to you is important to us, which is to make the most of your travel and give you a great deal of your most valued asset…TIME! This year we will focus even more on pleasing you in every way from our network fleet of ARGUS platinum-certified private aircraft to our extensive fleet of chauffeured ground transportation with more customizable options than ever before. Not to mention that our Concierge Call Center is available for our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The DC Concierge Call Center becomes an extension of your pre-existing administrative team to ensure your travel itinerary is safe, superior and seamless.

The aforementioned FEATURES of our concept may be many but our FOCUS is service excellence. It is my quest in 2014 to redefine service as we know it. You deserve to be treated well ALL of the time and not just occasionally. DOMINION is FIRST in Safety, FIRST in Service and FIRST in Luxury because YOU are FIRST with us. I receive so much joy when I sit and read the responses of how well DOMINION servants have treated DOMINION clients. My focus has shifted drastically since helping to take care of my father. My father is terminally ill with Stage 4 cancer and our family was told on July 1, 2013, that my father would not make it through the night. Well, thankfully, my dad is still here with us six months later. Being there for him and watching the care given by so many as part of a team, has been an instruction of sorts. Service is everything to me and treating people well doesn’t cost much, in fact, it is a joy!

The FLEXIBILITY of our concept is always with you in mind. You need a last minute flight, WE ARE HERE. You need a particular diet for your gourmet meals, WE ARE HERE. In fact, our executive chef is not only a chef but a nutritionist. You prefer a certain brand of water in the car as we transport you to the FBO (your private runway), WE ARE HERE! Being flexible toward you is paramount. As your schedule is ever evolving, WE ARE HERE. Life can throw curve balls from time to time and DC is committed to maintaining flexibility so that you have all that you need without losing your footing with your family, with your business or with the events that matter the most to you.

We are making the most of your travel in 2014! DOMINION is not too good to be true, but rather we are everything a luxury and charter jet company ought to be. We Listen. We Plan. We Verify. We Execute…then, we PROVE it!

C. Edward Moten, President
©Jan2014; Dominion Charter Ltd., All rights reserved

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