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Excellence through Customer Care

Finding moments to be challenged rage fast and furious but finding moments to be cared for come few and far between. Keeping your calendar and appointments straight can be a task as new and unexpected things arise. Your objective is to be considered and cared for so that it minimizes the obstacles. No company or business can totally alleviate your obstacles and challenges; but it would be nice to experience moments where your schedule and concerns are met with more than a modicum of subtle interest.

DOMINION knows that excellence starts with the customer…his or her experience is the PROJECT. For those of us in the service industry, excellence is not a given. One must learn to get better at service to better every experience. DOMINION prides herself on faultless execution for our clients on each and every trip. And since it is incumbent upon us to make every experience a learning process of excellence; then where is a good place to start being excellent through customer care?

Engage your staff and/or your company in ‘positive’ takeaways  from your client’s feedback — even if it’s a negative comment. DOMINION (DC) makes a concerted effort to chat, challenge and change the things that are wasteful to the process. Our staff knows that I have a needle in one hand and a gun in the other. A needle to mend the things that can be fixed and perfected and a gun to eliminate the things that are wasteful and put it out of its misery. Your client deserves to be heard.

Secondly, evaluate the experience and what works for your clients. It is our job to put our clients first through our passion to serve and our purpose to succeed. We evaluate each departmental process to see if it is complete for the whole. No company should have such segregated departmental silos or duties that cannot be integrated toward the success of the entire company. The timeline for evaluation must be understood without undermining genuineness of duty. We love what we do and are not forcing ourselves to serve well because we will be evaluated. We serve well because we believe that it is the right thing to do ALL the time.

Lastly, enhance the people that serve. Much like most things are in life…excellence is continuing education and edification. We encourage our DC servants by continual training. We can never learn enough about customer care. We want our DC servants to learn what it means to be in the service industry and how important it is to make our clients the priority. Conversation, body language and mental adjustments all play a part in ensuring a better experience for our clients and, as a by-product, a better experience for our company as well.

DOMINION also spends time building our people for the task, edification. Even servants have bad days, so we try to make sure we build employees positively through motivation and rest. Yes, we can only take so much before things affect us. Motivational moments are great and have their place but giving the body and mind the rest required is crucial to the success of interacting with others on a regular basis. Consistent care of yourself translates to consistent care of the client.

Great customer care is needed in a generation that would rather text than talk. I am confident that excellence can be achieved when we realize that our approach at great customer care is a worthwhile and excellent endeavor in and of itself.

C. Edward Moten, President
©2014-28-Jan; Dominion Charter Ltd., All rights reserved

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