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Furry Flying

Furry Flying

As pets have evolved into family members — a trend market researchers refer to as “humanization” — it is hardly surprising that people want to take them along when they travel for work and play.

However, the commercial experience for “pawsengers” is rarely fluid, easy, hassle-free, or pleasant.  Anyone who’s experienced the stress of air travel with his or her pet has thought, “There’s got to be a better way…”

As a former flight attendant who has logged thousands of miles thinking of the pampered pooches below, I remember pet owners who talked about them, showed off pictures and looked forward to seeing their pets at home – in many cases, more than anything.

Choosing to fly private and travel easily means the other species in the family – you know those pampered pooches living the dog life equivalent of Paris Hilton’s existence – has the opportunity to join their owners on board without having a “ruff” go getting through airport security and baggage checks. Passengers and their “pawsengers” can jump straight out of their car, onto the plane and into their seats.

Flying private provides a safer alternative to checking larger pets in the dreaded and sometimes dangerous baggage compartment on commercial airlines.  Pet owners can forgo the fee charged for cabin pets  (since those furry friends under 20 pounds have to stay in carriers under the seat during flight).

Airlines are required to report animal incidents monthly to the Department of Transportation. Records show that every year, scores of family pets die while being transported on commercial airlines.

At Dominion Charter, we won’t treat your four-legged friends like luggage.  Your furry travel companion is free to sit next to you or on your lap, off-leash and without the confines of a crate, in the same level of comfort and pampering you enjoy when traveling in a private jet. At Dominion Charter we’re happy to oblige!

First in Safety.  First in Service.  First in Luxury.  Dominion Charter is the global leader in private jet administration.  Experience the ‘OneCallOneCost’ Dominion Difference!


Ty Greene, Account Executive
Proposals and Acquisitions – Business Development
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