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The Great Debate: Fractional Ownership versus Premiere Connections Partnership

Flying private definitely has its perks. The industry has seen a favorable response to Fractional Ownership in the last two years. I’m all for purchasing what suits you best. The debate over Fractional Ownership, Whole Aircraft Ownership and Flight Cards is an ongoing battle. This article is designed to share my expertise in the matter and, hopefully, it will help you make the best decision for you when the time approaches.

Now, in my mind, the debate over Whole Aircraft Ownership and Fractional Ownership is really not a debate at all. If you have an inexhaustible amount of capital and/or cash flow, then by all means, an aircraft purchase would be the obvious selection. The consideration then is just an issue of monthly maintenance and fuel. The ability to own your own aircraft goes without saying. Your schedule is definitely yours and owning an aircraft makes it better to effectively and efficiently manage your time. The debate, at least to me, is more between Fractional Ownership and Flight Cards.

There is an advantage in Fractional Ownership relative to immediate access to a private aircraft in such cases as holidays and the like. While others are looking to charter an aircraft, a fractional owner has “first dibs” to the aircraft. Another benefit seems to be the financial benefit to the fractional owner as it relates to supposed reduced rates and income shares. However, the issue that I have is that a fractional owner is not assigned to a dedicated aircraft for usage. A trip may need to be altered quite a bit to accommodate for a lesser aircraft if you had a number of passengers involved. Not to mention, much like time shares, your dates of travel need to be conducive for the managing company. Your itinerary needs to be ironclad…no surprises.

I personally favor the Flight Card for several reasons but I’ll just name two. Flight Cards give you the chance to use only what you pay for without any additional costs or commitments. If the Flight Card is reasonable to both moments of flight and monies involved, you will only pay for what you use without basically paying for an aircraft that you don’t literally own. Secondly, a managed Flight Card lets you do what you initially desired without hassle…that is flying with ease.

Our Premiere Connections Partnership is ONE CALL; ONE COST. You don’t need to keep a credit card on file unless you choose to relative to Concierge services beyond flight. Your hours in the air and hours on the ground are only features of a bigger picture. The big picture is your schedule is attended to by a Concierge Call Center that effectively becomes an extension to your pre-existing administrative staff. I would suggest that you give DOMINION an opportunity to serve you. We do what the big boys do only better! We’re into the details so you don’t have to be. Whether you choose Fractional Ownership or a Flight Card, do your homework and make decisions that you, your family and/or your business can enjoy.

C. Edward Moten, President

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