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What DOMINION Knows About Value

I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked, “What’s so special about value and DOMINION?” Well, I’d have to start by telling you why/how DOMINION has chosen to connect worth, value and our convictions to our clientele.

When I was much younger, I would occasionally hear my grandmother say, “You get what you pay for.” I grew up thinking that she was kind of off in her assessment. In my mind, whatever you wanted, you could get at a bargain and it would be just as good. Well, I was wrong…to a degree.

Some things that I purchased as a bargain changed my attitude toward the process of appreciation. Somehow I believed that if it broke or if I lost it, “No worries; I’ll just get another one. It was only $5, or it was just a bargain price.” I’m not suggesting that the item of purchase was cheap or qualitatively poor, but my thinking about value was all wrong. However, somewhere through time, my grandmother’s point finally illuminated for me. She was suggesting value of the item and my thinking was value detached from the item. Allow me to explain how this shapes the DOMINION value perspective and our approach.

DOMINION’s clientele are those that have great capital at a great cost to themselves, their families and their time. Our clients come to the negotiation table with great value that precedes the DOMINION value in product or service, because their road to value has been personal. Understanding this, it is incumbent upon us, DOMINION Charter, Ltd., to respect and honor our client’s value with products and a service worthy of the sacrifice of personal wealth. We are confident our value can meet your value!

It is difficult in any industry to give a valuable service or product detached from appreciating the value of the people that patronize your business; yet, many try! DOMINION exists to RESPECT the value of our clients in every way. We listen to your needs, we draft a plan that meets those needs. We don’t stop there, but we verify that we’ve got it right before we execute above the expectation. It’s the little things…like not nickel and dime-ing our clients for miscellaneous fees. And like understanding that a luxury private jet flight should offer more than chips and soda as a standard meal. It is also our responsibility to RELATE the value of our clients to our vendors and business partners. Our Concierge and management team are available to ensure you get more than you’ve paid for. And above all, DOMINION seeks to RENEW the value of our clients through our value as a company.

What do I know about value? I’ve learned through the years that value respects value! I believe that my grandmother would be proud to know that I’ve learned my lesson well. I know my value, and as I shop, my value will always respect the value in others, their products and their services. But do you know YOUR value?

If you’re merely a commodity to be shuttled at the highest dollar from Point A to Point B by our competitiors;
then, you owe it to yourself to allow DOMINION to respect your value and serve you today.

C. Edward Moten, President

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